Why Pat Test

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Why you should pat test

PAT Testing is Important for the Following Reasons

Around 2000 reported workplace fires a year are caused by faulty electrical appliances, as are a high proportion of electrical related workplace accidents. Such accidents can arise from cut or frayed leads, badly wired plugs, and damaged appliances.

Legislation requires employers to control risks arising from the use of electricity including portable appliances. Due to the serious consequences of electrical accidents, proactive maintenance systems should be in place rather than reactive systems that only require action to be taken after an accident. Records of electrical equipment should be maintained with evidence of the inspection and testing programme.

There is a statutory requirement of employers to ensure that any electrical equipment they provide is safe and that their employees and customers will not suffer harm from its use. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is the best way to fulfill this requirement.

CAD can support your health & safety programme by providing the following services:

PA Testing & Inspection
Portable Appliance Testing
Visual Inspections
Testing of hard wired appliances
Testing of three phase appliances
Testing of IT and other sensitive electronic equipment
Reporting in hard copy or electronic format,

Risk Assessment

Development of risk assessment profiles for portable appliances in specific work environments

Asset Register

Labelling, recording and creating electronic asset registers of electrical and other items.

Call our friendly team on the number above for more information, or to book a PAT test. You can also contact us through the email form on our 'Contact Us' page.Call our friendly team on the number above for more information, or to book a PAT test. You can also contact us through the email form on our 'Contact Us' page.

More info: Legal Requirement: Who is Responsible.

Why CAD Facilities

We believe that we can offer you, the potential customer, an unrivalled service, in quality and ability that will minimise disruption to your day to day operations whilst ensuring that you, and your staff, are working in the safest environment possible.

What Does a PAT Test Consist Of?

We start with a visual inspection checking for Damaged flexes
Damaged plugs and equipment (overheating, burn marks, discolouration)
Correctly wired plugs
Correctly rated fuse

Then a series of tests (depending on the class of equipment), they may include :Earth continuity testing, Insulation resistance, Polarity test, Earth leakage test

The Engineer checks for signs of damage to the appliance and its supply cord (IEC Lead) and then tests the functionality of any switches before checking that the fuse within the plug top is correctly rated for the safe disconnection of the appliance. After this process, the appliance is energised by a test machine which uses a sequence of checks to establish the integrity of the live, neutral and earth wires. The machine, depending on its findings, will establish a “pass” or “fail” status for the appliance, and the Engineer will label the equipment accordingly.

Bar Code Items

We fully bar code all items presented for PAT testing. This will make repeat PAT Testing and report generation easier, faster and more cost effective. Along with adding extra value to your report material, this can be used as a stock asset register for all your electrical appliances.

All work is undertaken by fully qualified engineers at agreed time spans to match your needs.

All of our Testers are CRB checked specializing in educational and government contracts.